Built By : Executive Living Homes

The House of Arches was a special project, as it was created by one of Interior Designer's for her own home. The name drawing from both the inspiration and the name of its owner. The vision of this home was a result of the designer’s own travel experiences. Having travelled to countries such as Turkey, Greece and Spain, strongly influenced her own distinct style. The three-bedroom, two-bathroom home was designed to be unique and earthy, using arches to soften each space. It was important to incorporate raw, natural and handmade materials and products to offset the necessary contemporary finishes.

Handmade, raw, and natural materials are used throughout the home. There is a real beauty in the imperfections of the handmade zellige tiles, ethically sourced all the way from Morocco.

Meticulous detailing of the cabinetry items within the home has resulted in a sumptuous combination of handmade and naturally raw products with contemporary finishes